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Since the beginning of time, mankind has been aware of the importance of safety both for the individual and the community to ensure the survival of the human race.

Safety of the individual and his possessions has become a major industry. Although we want to preserve our freedom, we accept the need to be monitored every now and then as a necessary precaution. We routinely carry proof of identity and consider it quite normal to produce this when requested, whether for authorisation or even scanning.

The authentication of passports has different levels, from the simple visual inspection to the most modern machine readable security mechanisms. The machine readable mechanism always needs an input, the captured image of the passport. For deeper scanning it is essential to capture more than one images in different illuminations to detect forgery.

From the captured image(s) the Passport Reader software reads all the essential information by recognizing the characters and gives back in machine editable format, this is the output. On the returned characters it is easy to perform security mechanisms like checksum.

The results are in line with the quality of the input image and the OCR software. ARH Document Readers have excellent image capturing abilities and with software exceptionally high rate of recognition, making them highly respected products on the market.

As a result of 14 years of continued research and development, ARH has become one of the key global players of image processing technology, within the security and traffic control sectors.

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