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PR303 Portable Document Reader

The main goal was to create a new portable unit which meets all the customer needs.

The PR303 is an ergonomical, easy-to-use, stand-alone, portable MRZ and RFID reading device with an extremely wide range of usage potential.

To achieve the proposed goal, A.R. Hungary's developers integrated the device into a convenient 22.4x23.2x12.4 cm size box weighting approximately 2kg (without external battery).

Its sturdy black metal frame surrounds an industrial computer with a 40 GByte HDD (upgradeable). The TFT LCD display (640*480 resolution) and touchpad as well as all the connectors needed in order to use it as a regular PC.

The PR303 are able to take both white and IR images with 200 dpi resolution, and uses a fast image-taking and processing method and reliable OCR (Optical Character Recognition) operation.
To fulfill the improving needs the device is able to read RFID tags!

The optimized power consumption and the optional professional batteries offer more than 3 hours of continuous operation. The product may delivered with the optional dual charger.

The PR303 is delivered with easy-to-use API supporting C/C++, Visual Basic, Delphi and Java environments on Windows platform. Using the functions library, custom-tailored, end-user applications can easily be developed thus meeting special user requirements.

Its structure, the optical characteristics, the built-in industrial computer and the comprehensive functions library make the PR303 a considerable and cost-effective solution for any application where mobility, reliability, high quality, robust and compact construction are a must.

To carry the PR303 device we provide a black leather case. Thera are two different types of carrying cases a smaller and a larger. The larger case has additional pockets for extra batteries, documents etc. On the shoulder strap there is a moveable non-skid pad which allows the bearer to wear the device comfortable for long term.

It can be used at:
Border crossing points
Police work
Mobile patrol unit operation
Mobile and temporary access points
On-board applications on trains, cruisers, sea-liners
Harbors and airports

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