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Our passport OCR reader products are designed to meet the latest demands of travel document reading, passport reading, visa and ID card OCR reading. We offer a range of products from a uniquely high-resolution, full- page passport scanner (passport capturing and recognition device) to a multiple- row (1-2-3) OCR reader for the MRZ.

In 1998 AR Hungary decided to develop an automatic document reader and identifier that allows superior, fast and efficient document control. This became our new Desktop Document Reader series.

A few years later AR Hungary recognized the improving needs for the Mobile/ Portable units and with ongoing breakthroughs in telecommunications, on-the- spot document reading and controlling technology has become a real option.
At airports, border crossings, traffic controls and on trains or ships there is constant need for document control, but previously no equipment existed that could do this.

AR Hungary decided to take on this challenge when they developed the PR302 mobile passport reader and PR501 mobile document reader.

All of the portable equipments have outstanding image quality in normal and IR light, with an algorithm that results in an exceptionally high rate of character recognition. Additional unique features include reading 1D and 2D barcodes, and detecting documents automatically. The new PR303 can also read the latest innovation technology: RFID chips printed in passports.

All the devices are easy to use, with no need for specially trained personnel. The equipment first senses when the document is inserted, then automatically creates the image (the PR303 reads the RFID too) and finally performs the analysis.

The operating software are extremely easy to integrate with any complex computer system used for document control.

The PR303 is a new portable document reader which has all the functions of the PR302 and in addition it is able to read RFID tags! It has the unique one step reading process, which allows reading the MRZ lines printed in the ePassport (optical) and the content of the RFID chip at the same time.

The PR303 can verify the data of any document in a simple one step process which takes less than 2 seconds. As the equipment can be linked to local databases and perform on-line data retrieval through GPRS systems, it is extremely practical on international trains.

The PR501 is a unique mobile document reader. It creates high-definition images in normal, IR and UV light, displaying the images on a full-color screen and storing them in a memory. These images allow the operator to verify the authenticity of the document as the data is simultaneously processed.

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